International Legal Agency for the Protection of Intellectual Property on the Internet

We make the digital world safer for your business

About all services you need to protect your Brand
We track and remove phantom competitors - scammers, fakes and frauds copying your brand and stealing your revenue
violations resolved
experience of intellectual property protection
1 300 000 +
6+ years
Services to protect your business
We help protect and defend your property in the digital space. In which areas we can be of service to you:
Acquire domain names, solve domain name disputes, block fishing and fake websites
Domain Names
Solve the problem of unlicensed sales on the Internet, marketplaces and social networks
eCommerce Brand
Handle intellectual property cases through both summary and standard proceedings
Register trademarks, software programs and patents.
Establish copyright for the content.

Copyright registration
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IQ Technology’s services can be used by brands, manufacturers and exclusive distributors looking to adopt a technological solution to fight illegal online selling, unauthorised sellers, counterfeiting, fraudulent online distribution.
Examples of successful court cases
Taking down online stores in 3 countries
Sale of illegal products in online stores
Husqvarna against
Case #421409
Blocking the site and transferring the domain name to the copyright holder
Illegal use of a brand in a domain name
Delonghi against
Case #195732
Shutdown of 900 online sellers
on 7 marketplaces
Tefal against 1900 Unauthorized Sellers

Case #235721
Removing the illegal use of the Xiaomi brand from
the names of other products on marketplaces
The use of Xiaomi in the names of goods of other brands
Xiaomi against
1500 violators
Case #165732
Sale of illegal products on online marketplaces
500 + companies trust us to protect their brands and customers

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