Domain Names

Acquire domain names, solve domain name disputes, block fishing and fake websites.
Represent your interests in order to acquire the desired domain name at the best price.
Domain name acquisition
Detect and delete fishing sites to prevent selling products that imitate your brand, redirecting traffic and stealing information from users.
Blocking of fishing and fake websites
Advise the most suitable and applicable procedure for restoring your rights to your domain name: from simple notifications to termination, blocking and UDRP.
Resolution of domain disputes

We offer a range of services aimed at protecting your brand online. Our first-class domain name acquisition service ensures that you secure the necessary domains to safeguard your brand identity. With our expertise in the field, we assist in identifying and acquiring relevant domain names that align with your brand, helping you establish a strong online presence.

Additionally, our team specializes in resolving domain name disputes. We understand the importance of protecting your brand from unauthorized use and infringement. When faced with domain name conflicts, we employ our legal expertise and negotiation skills to advocate for your brand's rights and reach favorable resolutions. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your brand's reputation remains intact while mitigating any potential risks associated with domain name disputes.

Moreover, we take proactive measures to combat phishing and fake websites that can harm your brand's reputation and deceive your customers. By utilizing advanced technology and constantly monitoring online platforms, we identify and block malicious websites attempting to exploit your brand. Our vigilant approach helps maintain the integrity of your brand while safeguarding your customers from fraudulent activities.

With our domain name acquisition, domain name dispute resolution, and anti-phishing services, IQ Technology is your trusted partner in brand protection, ensuring the security and reputation of your brand in the ever-evolving online landscape.

Blocking fake websites
Finding fake websites
Instant complaint submission
Prevention of new violations
  • social media
  • search engines
  • domain name databases
  • domain registrars
  • website platform constructors
  • hosting providers
  • law enforcement agencies
  • and Central Bank
  • dentifying the violator
  • legal action based on found information
  • bringing violators to account
  • in administrative or criminal proceedings
Protect you from fraud attempts at the moment of domain name acquisition
Domain name acquisition demands careful research:
Thematic values
Current use
Domain zone
Domain name history
These parameters determine whether the price of domain name acquisition is acceptable or negotiable.
Research and value analysis
communication with the domain owne
Anonymous transfer to the chosen registrar
Negotiations and transaction protection
Transfer of ownership rights in the client’s name
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